Product Description

Super colon system cleanse works as natural and gentle laxative that help get the colon and tract working and cleansed thoroughly. Super Colon system cleanse can help boost one’s immunity and promote a healthier colon and digestive system. Super colon helps restore your regularity and relieves digestion discomfort.

The product purports to:

  • Help one lose weight

  • Safely relieve constipation

  • Increase metabolism and energy

  • Eliminate excess waste

  • Reduce bloating and gas

  • Support colon health

  • Enhances one’s immune system

  • Help with disease prevention

Dosage: Take 2-4 capsules at before bedtime daily.

If you experience serious constipation, you can start with 4 capsules before bedtime. As you

gradually start getting regular you can reduce the intake. For detoxing drink 2 capsules in the

evening before bedtime.

Warnings: You should always consult with a personal physician prior to adding any dietary¬†supplement to your daily routine. Taking any supplement on a regular basis which contains¬†dietary fibre or laxative-inducing ingredients can increase the body’s dependency on such products.

Fennel Seed grounded

Psyllium Husk fibre

Flaxseed powder (EPA)

Melissa powder

Ginger ground

Aloe Ferox bitter powder